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Nursing Shortage

Nursing Shortage

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How the Nursing Shortage Affects the Quality of Health Care -The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has been reporting for years that there is a severe nursing shortage crisis in hospitals and health care facilities across the country. The problem is expected to get worse as there are more baby boomers working in the health care industry are retiring than there are new nurses entering the workplace.

While nursing schools have seen enrollment increase by a little more than 2% recently, it is not nearly the spike needed to resolve this nursing shortage problem so many hospitals are facing. In fact, enrollment would need to increase by 90% to truly turn things around.

While enrollment at colleges are higher than ever, nursing schools are facing tough challenges to attract enough students to meet the demands. With more than a 20% increase in employment rates for health care industry, the nursing specialization saw the most growth last year. Although in the next 15 years, Dr. A prediction by Peter Buerhaus of Health Affairs states that the current nursing shortage is so severe that it will be close to two times worse than the nursing shortage of the 1960's.

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