Army Reservist Continues Online Nursing Degree Courses in Iraq

Talk about motivating! Doral Gonzales of California is an inspiration for many people. She has dedicated almost twenty years to the Army as a reservist knowing she could be called into active duty at any time. She has, with the Armys help, earned two degrees and served as a nurse practitioner. To top it off, she continued her twice a month reservist training despite undergoing treatment for cancer and studying for an advanced nursing degree. She is the ultimate role model for success.

While Gonzales has had several false alarms when it comes to being called in to duty, she actually got deployment orders to go to Iraq where she will work with and treat wounded United States soldiers. To top it all off, she is toting her textbooks so that she can continue her online studies for an advanced nursing degree! And because she is limited by what she can take - no more than one hundred twenty pounds in her bag - carrying those textbooks shows great dedication to furthering not only her education and career but broadening her horizons as well.

It's amazing that in this day and age, you can take online courses and study almost anywhere, even on the front lines of combat. Because of the internet, many of us have so many more doors available to us that can be opened. You just have to decide your course and create your opportunities. And that is what Doral Gonzales has done.

With her online courses, Gonzales will be able to pursue her advanced degree in nursing with hardly a break in her studies, even when serving over in Iraq. She is even creating her own opportunities for field work by researching post-traumatic stress disorder. After all, what better way than to observe first hand what the soldiers go through every day during the war? Once her year-long stint is over, Gonzales just has to complete the lab portion of her studies, something that cannot be duplicated online.

It is simply amazing that being on the front lines of a war no longer has to hold you back. And thanks to the internet, you can study anywhere, anytime. Doral Gonzales is obviously taking every advantage possible to serve her country while still bettering herself for the future. Online nursing degrees, especially the advanced degree programs, are growing by leaps and bounds because of the shortage of good nurses. Thankfully, many universities are recognizing that fact and taking the steps to combat that problem. And by the same token, Doral Gonzales is doing the same.

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