Georgia State Representatives are Listening to Nursing Students

More than 100 nursing students from across the great state of Georgia recently visited the state Capital to draw attention to issues they'll face in the future mainly the nursing shortage crisis. There's an overall consensus among nursing students that Georgia is falling behind the times in regards to health care. While visiting the state Capital the student group touched on four main points with one state senator and two state representatives. One of the most critical main points was providing more funding for nurse educators.

More students were present this year mainly because of the severe nursing shortage Georgia will face in the near future. According to the University System of Georgia by 2020, the state will need 32,000 more RNs than will be employed. The state's public colleges currently graduate only about 2,000 nurses per year. To combat the shortage, the Macon State group proposed an increase in the salaries of nursing faculty. Georgia State does not have enough nursing faculty members, and this is partly because nurse practitioners are paid more than faculty members. A nurse practitioner is paid about double a faculty member, according to the Georgia Nurses Association. Colleges often have to turn away nursing student applicants because there aren't enough faculty to teach them.

Senator Staton seemed open and receptive to the comments and suggestions made by the student nurses and added that the state of Georgia is very much aware of the nursing shortage crisis and the problems with maintaining nurse faculty members. All in all, the student group felt the meeting was a success and left believing their state representatives care about the issues.

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