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All across the country hospitals, educational institutions, local government, and various civic groups are recognizing that collectively working towards solutions to our nation's heath-care crisis is a fundamental step in the right direction. A national nursing shortage is plaguing hospitals, nursing home facilities, and other heath centers causing current staff to be overworked and many open staffing positions being left un-filled. The bottom line: communities are getting worried.

In Ashtabula, Ohio the community is taking postive steps and backing efforts to ensure that a properly trained nursing staff, from its local nursing college, will be readily available to fill its healthcare facilities and shore up its needs. If you have spent any time in a hospital, doctor's office, nursing home, rehabilitation center or have received any kind of physical therapy in Ashtabula County, chances are a Kent State University Ashtabula graduate has helped you. Graduates of the Kent State Ashtabula Associate Degree in nursing program compose about 75 percent of the Registered Nurses working in the county. Since the community depends so heavily on Kent State graduates, it has become increasingly more important for the community to continue to insure that these nurses and assistants are educated properly.

This means that the new Health and Science building on the Kent State Ashtabula Campus is not only important to the health of the campus, but to the region's health as well. It's so important that administrators of local health care facilities chose to contribute $250,000 to its construction. University Hospitals Geneva and Conneaut Medical Centers also pledged $250,000 to the Next Step Campaign. The community is depending on the new state-of-the-art building to provide a high quality, local option for students to pursue RN to BSN programs that will help jump-start their careers and hopefully keep them in Ashtabula County.

Whether or not local nursing graduates stay in Ashtabula is yet to be determined however one thing is for sure; the ongoing national nursing shortage will provide many opportunities for these graduates. Compensation for both nurses and physical therapist assistants continues to rise, as does signing bonuses offered by many facilities that hire RN to MSN professionals.

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