Considering a career in nursing? There are many exciting career paths to consider before taking your first step. Once you browse through the options below, you’ll see there’s a lot more to nursing than the stereotypical bedside nurse.

If you enjoy infants and kids, pediatric nursing is a good path to consider with even more specialties within that field such as neonatal care or oncology. Those looking for an advanced specialty might look into becoming a nurse anesthetist and handle advanced procedures on a daily basis.

The healthcare sector is growing and nurses are in demand. This is an excellent industry to enter for motivated individuals who seek both a challenging and rewarding career that offers many options for career advancement.

Are you a working nurse? You can help others considering a career in nursing! Complete this questionnaire and pay it back by providing career insight from a working professional.

Charge Nurse
Acts as leader, coordinator, safety liason and clinical expert of the nursing staff for a given shift.

Certified Nurse Midwife
Supply knowledge, support and resources to women in who desire the most natural birth experience possible.

Case Manager – Work closely with patients to design a comprehensive plan to meet their healthcare needs.

Critical Care Nurse
Provide medical care to those who have been seriously injured or who are battling life-threatening conditions.

Clinical Nurse Specialist
Be an expert in a specific area of healthcare and expand career options to leadership positions.

Clinical Nurse Leader
Provide hands-on care to patients and serve as a point of contact for other nurses, doctors & medical staff.

Healthcare Administrator
Be responsible for the smooth day-to-day working of a medical facility through leadership and training.

Geriatric Nurse
Oversee management and analysis of healthcare plan and administer treatment to elderly patients.

Forensic Nurse
Work with the criminal justice system to solve cases where healthcare of the victim is involved.

Hospice Nurse
Own one of the most important roles of a medical team dedicated the the final stages of a person’s life.

Holistic Nurse
Utilize technology, medical procedures and yourself as an instruments in the healing process of patients.

Health Communications
Health communication professionals create and use products, programs or other interventions to promote health behavior changes.

Life Care Planner
Help private clients or work with law firms to plan a person’s future health care expenses and needs.

Legal Nurse Consultant
Combine nursing and law to solve legal issues involving medical practice cases in court.

Labor and Delivery Nurse
Works closely with women during childbirth and through the immediate postpartum period following the birth of a baby.

Medical Reimbursement Specialist
Use coding techniques to process all insurance and billing forms to ensure proper and complete payment.

Medical Assistant
Medical Assistants (MA) are health care professionals who assist the physician in performing numerous tasks.

Work under the direction of nurses and physicians to provide care to patients.

Nurse Educator
Make a difference in the world of healthcare by educating the new nurses that will soon be administering care.

Nurse Anesthetist
Work in the highest paying nursing field and monitor patients during treatments involving anesthesia.

Military Nurse
Serve as a nurse in one of our miltary branches and tend to the healcare needs of soldiers and their families.

Patient Advocate
Represent patient clients in sorting out issues in dealing with doctors, medical bills and insurance companies.

Occupational Therapist
Help clients carry out activities that they need or want to do through emotional and physical therapy.

Nurse Practitioner
Work directly with patients to diagnose illness and administer treatment in a variety of areas.

Quality Care Director
Lead the implementation of quality improvement plans and track their success.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
In this advanced field, diagnose and treat illness and injury to young patients.

Pediatric Nurse
Administer care to infants, children and teenagers in primary care offices or speciality medical units.

Scrub Nurse
Prepare and maintain all instruments required by surgical team during surgery.

Psychiatric Nurse
Care for mentally ill patients in psychiatric hospitals, mental health clinics, correctional facilities or private practice.

Rural Nurse
Provide healthcare services to patients in geographic areas with small populations or in remote locations.

Trauma Nurse
Be called to provide life-saving medical treatments to patients in emergency situations.

Surgical Nurse
Work in the OR and make sure that patients are safely prepped and positioned for surgery.

Social Worker
Work with clients to assist with personal and professional problems including illness.

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner
Address women-specific health issues including pregancy and menopause.

Travel Nurse
Work in a variety of medical settings and travel where your specialty is needed for short term assignments.

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