Labor and Delivery Nurse

Labor Delivery Nurse

Job Requirements: Working closely with women and families during childbirth and through the immediate postpartum period following the birth of a baby.

As one of life’s most eventful and stressful moments, childbirth requires a team of medical professionals to care for the health and well-being of a mother in labor. Caring for a laboring mother includes the monitoring of the health of the baby, both during labor and immediately following birth.

A Labor and Delivery Nurse is a registered nurse who understands the physical aspects of childbirth and antenatal care, as well as the emotional and mental aspects of childbirth. Under supervision of an Obstetrician, these nursing professionals help the birth process, while monitoring the need for interventions during childbirth, including pain management, labor induction and the need for emergency services.

Labor and Delivery nurses provide the immediate care of a mother and infant after childbirth. A labor and delivery nurse assists with the assessment a newborn baby’s condition to help determine if any special interventions are needed to ensure the health of the baby. For the mother, the Labor and Delivery nurse continues to monitor vital signs, pain tolerance and any other issues that can arise due to the process of childbirth.

Those who demonstrate the ability to make quick, educated decisions in critical moments or crisis situations are well suited as Labor and Delivery Nurses, as are those who can manage multiple patients, including mothers and newborn infants.  Experience in a trauma or critical care or mentoring within a facility that provides prenatal care can be especially beneficial to a student or currently employed nurse seeking a position as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. 

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