Healthcare Quality Director

Job Requirements: Lead the implementation of quality improvement plans and track their success.

Education Requirements: Masters Degree or Equivalent Experience, CPHQ credential

Profile: Interview with Director of Clinical Excellence

Director of Quality CareHealthcare Quality Professionals are responsible for putting evidence-based systems in place that help nurses, physicians and all staff members provide safer care with a goal to improve patient outcome.

Directors and senior managers in this role lead the implementation of quality improvement plans and track their success. Other responsibilities as a manager in this department include JHACO compliance, infection control and risk management. They report results and discuss strategy with the facility director and have regular meetings with heads of staff for all departments.

Clinical excellence and quality care is about improving outcomes for patients through effective processes in the hospital or healthcare facility. This ensures that patients are receiving the best quality care, that funding is being used efficiently and that employees feel satisfied with their jobs.

Quality managers receive performance data of the facility operations and from this data they find opportunities for improvement. They look at evidenced-based practice literature to make decisions based on evidence that proves better patient outcomes in specific circumstances. They then work with their team to review current procedures and revise where needed to improve outcomes. These revisions are then diseminated to department heads to implement in the workplace.

They are also responsible for reporting certain data points to the state and to other public records.

The work of quality care team flows directly to the registered nurse. The nurse is the person that is in direct contact with patients every day - they are talking with them and providing care. It is critical that the work of a quality care team is communicated effectively to nurses on staff to see any positive change. The quality care policies and procedures are only effective if the nurse follows through on them as they are hands-on with patients and are charged with implementing quality improvement opportunities.

As a Quality Care Director or Manager, you will be providing tools for nurses to provide the best and most up-to-date care based on clinical evidence. This role is important in creating better patient outcomes and less repeat patients.

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