Profiles in Healthcare and Nursing

Thank you for participating in the special series that will showcase the many career paths within the healthcare and nursing industry.

By completing this questionnaire, you will provide valuable insight to young people graduating from high school and adults considering a career change about your specific field.

Our goal is to explain the various specialities within healthcare in a way that goes beyond a standard job description. We want our visitors to learn about the perks, challenges and sources of motivation directly from healthcare professionals within specific areas of practice.

Based in Austin, TX, promotes nursing education and career development. The website receives a wide variety of visitors from high school students considering a career in nursing, older adults considering a career change to working nurses looking to enhance their career through resources offered here.

Please proceed by completing the questionnaire below. You will have the option to keep your name and location completely anonymous. Once complete, we will email you a letter of appreciation that will include a request for a photo to compliment your story. Seeing a face with the details of your career experience helps visitors connect on a personal level. If you have additional photos from your workplace that you'd like to include, they are more than welcome.

Questionnaire end. Thank you again for your support. The information you provided will be available on our website to help those considering a career in healthcare choose a path that fits their strengths.


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