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Home health care services are growing in demand as more patients opt to stay at home when faced with disabilities, lifelong or terminal illness, instead of spending time, and money, within a hospital. While the ease of access to patients at home has increased through Telehealth devices, the need for qualified home health care nurses is steadily increasing, as is the average home health care nurse salary. From infants through senior citizens, the services provided by a home health care nurse range from monitoring vital statistics and dispensing medications to providing treatments and therapies, palliative care, education and emotional support to the patient, family and loved ones.

A Home Health Care Nurse must be able to work independently and possess appropriate nursing skills in addition to the ability to communicate with a wide range of individuals. Sensitivity to cultural, religious, disability and family considerations is vital to the role of a home health care nurse, as well as the ability to coordinate efforts between doctors, other nurses, pharmacies and social service agencies.  In addition, a Home Health Care Nurse should complete the education and testing or certification requirements to be licensed as a registered nurse, especially those looking for a high home health care nurse salary.

In light of the current shortage of nurses and medical professionals across the country, and in addition to the projected deficiency that the retiring Baby Boomer generation will create within medical care and treatment occupations, the need for home health care nurses is increasing dramatically. As these positions open up, home health care nurse salary figures are also on the rise. According to salaryexpert.com, the projected home health care nurse salary in 2027 is expected to be almost $90,000 per year.  The current national average is around $72,000 per year, making a career as a home health care nurse not only personally satisfying, but financially rewarding, as well.

Touching the lives of patients facing disabilities, lifelong or terminal illness brings nursing to a more personal level than what can be experienced within a hospital, clinic or medical environment. Home health care nurses bring quality medical and health care to patients on a sensitive and empathetic level, becoming a part of the lives of those needing the support of a nurse and the comfort of home.

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