Finding Your Own Pathway to Specialized Health Care

We live in a highly specialized age. New industries and professions spring up as the established sectors break down into smaller categories. Driven by the wealth of detail in an increasingly complex world, employers and clients prefer to hire specialists rather than generalists. That decision is often based on cost-effectiveness. And with so much more to know about everything, it pays to specialize in your areas of interest.

This is particularly true in the medical profession. As society becomes more health conscious, the general awareness of cause and effect is bringing health issues into the mainstream of daily life. Medicine no longer happens entirely within the walls of a hospital. Nurses find themselves in other settings, playing the roles of social workers, detectives or attorneys. These new career paths offer an expanding range of professional benefits, including career advancement, job security, and even self-employment opportunities. So, how can you get there from where you are now?

Kaplan University’s Health Care Pathways Programs
This is where a school like Kaplan University enters the picture. As an institution with almost 70 years’ experience in preparing adults for rewarding careers, Kaplan offers Health Care Pathways, an online program for nurses, therapists, social workers, and anyone whose professional life is moving into the convergence of these fields.

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