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Nurse EducatorAre you a nurse practitioner (NP)? Are you thinking of becoming a nurse practitioner? Are you interested in supporting the work of nurse practitioners? If so, an American Academy of Nurse Practitioners membership may be something you would like to consider. The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) is an organization that promotes the nurse practitioner profession and works with health care workers, politicians, and lawmakers to ensure best practice within the profession.

The AANP has several categories for memberships:

  • Full member: A registered nurse (RN) who is a nationally certified NP. A full member may vote in state and national elections and may hold office.
  • Associate member: Anyone who isn't an NP but is interested in and supports the objectives of the AANP and the profession. Associate members may not vote or hold office.
  • Retired member: An NP who has retired from practice. Retired members may vote in and run for office in state elections.
  • Group member: An organized group composed of NPs or incorporating NPs as part of the organization
  • Student member: A nurse who is enrolled in an entry-level NP program. Student members may vote in and run for office in state elections.
  • Recognized NP--student member: An NP who has gone back to school to further her NP education. A recognized NP student member may vote for and run for office at the state level, but must convert to full member status if she wishes to run for national office.

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners membership isn't mandatory to practice as an NP. The AANP isn't a licensing body, but an association with a goal to help NPs advocate for issues that affect nurse practitioners, including legislation, health care policy, and nursing practices.

Benefits of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Membership
Members of the AANP benefit from a variety of services provided by the organization, not the least of which is the value of belonging to a group of people who believe in the same goals as you. The AANP works to enhance professional opportunities for nurse practitioners, be it politically or by working with other health care providers.

Being a member also provides you with the following:

  • Access to continuing education (CE) programs
  • National conferences
  • Discussion on health care reform
  • Resources for NP preparation

You may also access information, such as:

  • Position Statement on Nurse Practitioner Curriculum
  • AANP Education Policies Handbook
  • NP Master's Tuition Cost: Comparison with MD and DO Tuition

The AANP also provides its members with a host of publications that help keep them updated as to the newest developments in the Nursing Practitioner world. Their journal, Journal of American Association of Nursing Practitioners (JAANP), is a monthly peer-reviewed journal that covers health policy, clinical management, and more. Another publication is the AANP SmartBrief, a daily newsletter delivered to your email box Monday to Friday. It includes news about health care from around the country.

Being a member of the AANP allows you to have a voice on issues that affect nurse practitioners. It also allows you to be a part of important issues surrounding health care and how it is delivered.

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