Nurses Look for ANCC Magnet Designation When Job Hunting

Hospitals that have the American Nursing Credential Center ANCC Magnet Designation are top choices for the brightest and most motivated nurses in the world.

The ANCC Magnet Certification indicates that the hospital has been identified as a leader in the healthcare industry with a mission to improve the standards of patient care with a focus on teamwork, education and innovation. Magnet certified facilities also provide opportunities that allow nurses to gain training in specialized fields and pursue higher levels of education.

With the Magnet designation, the hospital is elevated to the top five percent of hospitals worldwide, offering quality healthcare and professional development by improving the effectiveness of their staff.

Many facilities apply for the designation, but few make the cut. ANCC Magnet designations are awarded to hospitals that have passed extremely high standards for healthcare and an exeptional working environment for nurses, by offering accreditation plans for specialty practices and continued nursing education. Magnet hospitals take pride in supplying nurses with the tools needed for excellence.

The Magnet designation is based on fourteen principles. These principles emphasize professional attitude and organized management above all. The structure provides the nursing staff a clear chain of command up to the Chief Nursing Officer, who is responsible for the maintenance of the nursing standard and for communication with the Chief Executive Officer.

This organization of nursing staff, based on the Magnet principles, makes leading hospitals even more efficient.

While the descripton of the chain of command for nurses might seem strict, the main goal of the structure is to allow each nurse to have a voice. Every nurse can play a part in the ongoing improvements to the system and patient care. Furthermore, nurses following the Magnet priciples are expected to represent their position, which further develops their skills and expertise.

If you are a motivated nurse wanting work with the best and have a positive impact on patient care procedures, look to the Magnet Designation as the golden standard of service. Hospitals that have undergone the evaluation for Magnet designation from the American Nursing Credential Center and passed guarantee that you will be working with healthcare professionals making a difference in patient care.

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