Qualifying for Fast-Track Nursing Programs


As the growth of the healthcare industry outpaces the 2011 predictions, more people are considering a career in nursing than ever before. In response to the need for qualified and educated nurses, colleges and universities across the country have implemented Accelerated Nursing or Fast-Track nursing programs, helping speed up the process of becoming a nurse, without sacrificing academic or clinical instruction quality. Building upon both previous life and academic experience, an Accelerated or Fast-Track nursing program allows students to obtain a degree in nursing in as little as 11 months.

To qualify for one of these Accelerated/Fast-Track nursing programs, most schools prefer older students that have already gained college credit in nursing or any other discipline. Additionally, many of these programs require at least a 3.0 GPA, as well as experience in healthcare and the proven ability to self-motivate and succeed throughout a rigorous academic program.

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