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Happy Nursing CareerBeing a nurse can be the most fulfilling thing you do in your life, and certainly will be the most fulfilling career you can imagine. Once you have made the decision that nursing is your life dream, then you need to analyze where you want your career to go, and by what route. There are many nursing programs available; you simply need to determine which is best for you, and apply for acceptance to the program which suits your needs. College nursing programs are available no matter where you live, what your age, or what level of nursing career you want to pursue.

Before you enroll in any nursing program, you need to decide what type of nursing career is right for you. A career as a Registered Nurse (RN) can be fulfilling and very lucrative. The training is extensive, as is the testing you must pass before you can begin your career. Once you have decided a career as an RN is right for you, you have the option to determine if you want to specialize. Possibly, you saw an older relative suffer at the hands of a bad medical practitioner and you have decided to help the other elderly patients in the world by becoming a Geriatric Nurse. The options are endless: you can select from Emergency Room nurse, to surgical nurse, to neonatal nurse. You are only limited by your imagination and your education.

Perhaps you want to aim for a little less responsibility and go the route of Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). The educational requirements are less intense, and so is the overall responsibility. However, there is no shame in selecting a career as an LPN over an RN. What is right for one person may not necessarily be right for another. You should select the level of nursing career which is right for you.

Another option to consider if “hands on” medical treatment is not your cup of tea is to aim more for the administrative side of a nursing career. There are many options to select for nurses in Healthcare Administration or Case Management. Decide what is the best fit for you, the time you have to devote to your education, and the decision will be easy.

Your final decision will be to decide if you want to attend school in a traditional classroom setting, or to complete your degree online. Both options provide for excellent employment potential upon graduation. No matter what type of nurse you want to be, you can find college nursing programs to help you succeed in the medical field.

by Linda Bright

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