Heart Disease Risk Factors and Prevention

Heart disease continues to place enormous strain on hospitals and healthcare facilities with 61 million Americans afflicted with it at some level. High blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, chest pain, heart attacks, and strokes are a serious threat to so many Americans that just about everyone knows someone struggling with it.

Since there are many ways to fight risk factors, we've to highlighted some important facts that are not so readily available about the disease to impress the importance of adopting ways that you can reduce your risk of heart disease through simple everyday activities.

  • 26% of all deaths in the U.S. can be attributed to heart disease.
  • Once every 34 seconds someone dies from a heart-disease related event.
  • Inactivity is the number-one risk factor for heart disease.
  • 1.2 million people have a heart attack in the U.S. every year.

Heart Disease Risk Factors and PreventionHeart disease prevention

  • Don't smoke
  • Eat healthy: Understand what a healthy portion size is and control it, eat more vegetables and whole grains. Limit saturated and trans fats.
  • Exercise: 30 minutes every single day.
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Know and understand your blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Complete the American Heart Association Heart Attack Risk Calculator to get more information about controlling your risk factors for heart disease: https://www.heart.org/gglRisk/locale/en_US/index.html?gtype=health

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