Nursing Education Loan Repayment through NHSC

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) is an organization of healthcare professionals across the country who have made a commitment to serve America's rural areas and underserved communities. Supported by the federal government, NHSC recently experienced incredible growth through support from the Recovery Act and the Affordable Care Act. The Corps now offers enticing loan repayment and scholarship programs to nurse practitioner or physician assistant students who will commit to working 2 years in NHSC designated areas of need after graduating.

Participants in the NHSC loan repayment program often report that the benefits to working with the Corps is much more rewarding than just paying off loans and will choose to stay longer. Other professionals who have worked in private healthcare facilities for years will join the Corps in order to approach treating patients in a way that is not driven by sales and profits.

In the video below you will meet a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner who is a member of The National Health Service Corps. Her job is to work fulltime in a mobile healthcare center that travels to communities in rural Alabama. Each day she travels to a different town to treat patients who are ill and to provide preventative care to as many people as possible.

This job provides a lot of personal fulfillment by knowing that these community members who deserve this type of healthcare that is available are now able to receive it. Before the mobile healthcare center came to them, many of the people in these towns had no means to get care before due to lack of transportation or knowledge of where to go. And without preventative care, many community members would resort to going to emergency rooms for problems that escalated and could have been prevented.

By going to the communities and serving patients directly on a regular basis, a strain is lifted on local emergency rooms. The preventative and basic healthcare service also works to save community members money by keeping them out of the ER where medical bills can go well beyond the affordablity of low income patients.

The NHSC offers a full range of jobs for nurse practitioners or physician assistants. This is a great way to start a career in nursing as you get to surround yourself with professionals dedicated to providing the best care possible. Locations for employment span from rural Alaska to southern Florida and facilties range from hospitals to mobile care units.

View available job options right now online to see the opportunities available:

by Linda Bright

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