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Shadow-A-Nurse programs allow those considering a career in nursing an opportunity to accompany an RN during a regular work day at their healthcare facility. This program gives prospective nurses a better understanding of hospital or medical office operations and the daily responsibilities of the job.

Due to the wide variety of nurse specialities, a typical day can vary significantly between jobs so it is suggested that you shadow several nurses in different fields and workplace settings to get a full understanding of what the job entails.

During your day shadowing a nurse, you will go through the exact motions of an RN on the job. This may include observing patient interaction, data entry, running tests, attending meetings and even break time. You can't get much more up-close and personal than this!

To find a nurse shadow program in your area, start by researching your state nurses association. This resource will have contacts at local Area Health Education Centers that can set up the appointments. You can also check with hospitals and Schools of Nursing directly if you have a specific facility in mind as many will make accommodations for those with serious interest.

While you are doing this research also request time to interview working nurses that may not be available for the shadow program. For example if you have a particular interest in neonatal nursing, request to speak with a seasoned neonatal nurse to gain insight on that particular field. Having a one-on-one conversation can yield much more detailed information about the career than you'll ever find online or in brochures.

By Linda Bright


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