Nursing Affirmations to Reduce Stress

Affirmations for NursesDaily affirmations create an opportunity for you to pause and reflect on your current state of mind and to readjust if your thoughts are not in line with your goals and beliefs. For nurses, affirmations can be a valuable practice to maintain stress levels and emit an authentic sense of calm to patients and co-workers.

Affirmations are short "I am" statements that you define that reinforce your optimal way of life and bring into focus your higher self. These statements are then repeated in your mind or verbally during times of meditation and throughout the day to program your mind to attract more thoughts based on your beliefs. The affirmations are created in the present tense to reinforce that what you want and where you want to be is happening now and is not a wish for the future.

Nurses call on their affirmations frequently as they are often presented with challenging situations where decisions are difficult to make and they are witness to people facing illness or death on a regular basis. Patients look to their nurse for more than bedside medical care, they reach out to them for emotional support that can be a taxing part of the job.

A nurse who practices affirmations to handle these stresses can reduce anxiety on the spot and be more equip to provide emotional support to patients with less effort. This spiritual self-care can lead to improved quality of care for the people seeking care in your facility.

Below are some examples of affirmations that specifically address the issues of stress and patient support for nurses. You can modify these or expand on them to make them align with your specific goals or work environment. It is recommended that you dedicate a few quiet moments each morning to meditate on your affirmations. Reflect on them a couple of times throughout your day to make sure your thoughts are still aligned with the sense of clarity and calmness that these affirmations reflect. Finally, at night as you lie in bed, ponder on them once more so that your mind is in a peaceful state as you fall asleep.

  • I am calm, even when faced with challenge.
  • I am love and radiate my love to others effortlessly.
  • I am a leader, respected and respectful of others.
  • I am confident in my decisions.
  • I am happy, participating in all life has to offer.

These examples can help you write your own affirmations to reach your personal goals. Dedicate yourself to meditating on and repeating your affirmations several times a day for 5 weeks making sure that you really feel and believe in what you are saying.

After 5 weeks, review and modify your affirmations to continue your growth to enlightenment.

Do you have affirmations to share with nurses? Share them below!

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by Linda Bright

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