Nursing Personality Quiz

Nursing Personality QuizNursing can be an incredibly rewarding career for the right type of person. The hours can be long, the workload can be extreme and a nurse's patience is tested regularly. Having a personality type that is drawn to this career lifestyle can make all the difference.

If you thrive on helping others, you love learning about technical advancements in healthcare and earn respect from co-workers through your actions you can surely find joy in a nursing career. If you prefer a 40 hour work week without much personal interaction or responsibility, you may find that nursing feels like a burden. There are certainly other roles within the healthcare industry that are more suited to this personality type.

Nursing standards are extremely high and they should be for the well-being of everyone who at one time or another becomes a patient.

Hospitals and primary care facilities look for nurses who are caring, hard working, quick thinkers, assertive and emotionally stable. Do you have the personality profile necessary to become a happy and successful nurse?

Take the Nurse Personality Quiz below to find out...

Would You Be A Good Nurse?

Here's how it works. Simply answer each of the following 21 questions to find out your "Nursing Personality Score".

For accurate scoring, be sure to only select one answer for each question. When not sure which answer is correct, choose the one answer that fits best.

1. Do you excel in Math, Science and Communication (Written and Oral)?
Not sure
2. Could you consistently deal with multiple sick or injured patients and their family members with true care and respect, even under stressful circumstances?
Not sure
Doubt it
3. Whether it is a drug overdose or a high risk birth, could you put yourself in your patient's shoes to feel their fear and pain?
Yes, in most cases
Not sure
4. Could you lift patients, perform frequent physical tasks, be ready to run when needed and stand for long periods of time without losing your alertness?
Yes. But not several days in a row
No. I haven't worked out in a while.
5. Could you listen to the sometimes disrespectful and hurtful comments from patients and medical staff without it affecting your job performance or attitude?
There's a chance I might lose my temper occasionally
No way
6. Which is more important to you? ____
A substantial salary
Helping people.
7. Which do you prefer?
Electronic Healthcare Records
Written Medical Records
8. Would you rather have. ___
Varied schedule. Weekends and OT are ok
40 hour work week with set hours, M-F
9. Do you speak Spanish?
10. Do you thrive on ___
11. Do you like to see things done. ____
12. Do you have ____
a place for everything
like the casual lived-in look
13. Which do you value more in a job?
14. Do you prefer.___
New technical toys
15. Are you willing to do your duty even if it requires great sacrifice?
Depends on the sacrifice.
16. Do you rely on your _____
five senses
your gut feeling
17. Is your focus primarily on ____
your cognitive domain
the world around you
18. Are you attracted to adventure?
19. Are you adaptable?
To a certain degree
Not at all
20. Do you like to _____
work hard, exceeding expectations
work hard, but not too hard
21. Do you prefer____
team work
working alone

End of Quiz.

Your Nursing Personality Score is:


UNDERSTANDING YOUR SCORE: 1-6 | 7-12 | 13-21




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