Pros and Cons of One-Year Nursing Programs

Affirmations for NursesNursing has surely emerged as one of the most sought after fields in recent times and the trend is likely to continue in the future. With the growing population and medical facilities, the demand of professional nurses is in the spotlight. In order to tackle the growing demand, the government introduced one-year nursing programs. These programs allow you to complete a course and get a job in a year's time. Here are some of the pros and cons related to these intensive study degrees.

Pros of One-Year Nursing Program
There are a number of great advantages related to one-year programs.

Perfect if you are not Sure
In case you have just completed your high school and are not sure if nursing is the right career for you, a one-year LPN program can just be the perfect option. You can start working in as less as 12 months. After understanding the field in detail, you can always go in for higher education and get a better position in the organization along with higher remuneration.

Saves Time
The one-year programs are just a perfect option for you to get an educational degree in a much shorter duration of time. You can use the saved time in getting additional work experience and build on your career. This also means that you can reach to higher positions in much less time.

Earn Early
This also means that you can start earning in a shorter period of time - a perfect option for those whose finances are not in good shape.

Great Way to Meet the Demand
One-year courses are a perfect choice to meet the growing demand of professionals of the field in US.

Cons of One-Year Nursing Program
Probably the only drawback related to the one-year programs is intense level of pressure to learn and test on the course objectives in a short period of time. This can be draining physically as well as mentally. Since you are required to complete the entire course in much less time, it requires additional efforts from your end. In order to concentrate fully and give your best, most 1-year students treat this program as their full-time job.

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