Three Top Accelerated ADN Program Nursing Colleges

The accelerated ADN programs at the Chamberlain College of Nursing, are considered to be one of the best accelerated nursing programs in the country. In order to ensure that students are receiving the best educational experience, Chamberlain College of Nursing recently updated its accelerated program curriculum. Some of these changes involved updating course materials and study topics, and also hiring additional teachers and administration staff. All these changes and updates have helped students stay on the fast track to getting their accelerated ADN certification in just several months.

In an effort to make this program available to wide range of people, the college also added an online degree program. These online programs offers enhanced clinical training and also case study scenarios that highlight real life medical emergencies and nursing situations. In addition, the Chamberlain College of Nursing provides students study materials so they can prepare for their Registered Nursing Licensing Exclamation. This examination must be successfully completed before a student can receive their official registered nurse certification.

In addition to Chamberlain College of Nursing, South University and Independence University Online also offer accelerated ADN programs. The program at South University for example, provides students the ability to earn their degree and certification in just eighteen months. On the other hand, the program at Independence University allows registered nurses the option of earning their BSN degree and continuing their graduate studies. Although each accelerated degree program varies in duration, most generally last between eighteen and thirty months. Since this program is extremely advanced and intense, it is only recommended for those who are extremely focused, determined, hard-working and disciplined.

In addition, those who complete the ADN program also have the option of pursuing their MSN degree. The MSN program takes three years to complete, and qualifies students for a much wider range of job opportunities.

In regards to accelerated program graduates, most are able to find jobs that pay anywhere from thirty eight thousand to seventy five thousand dollars a year. In most cases, they also receive a very competitive profit sharing plan and fully paid healthcare benefits. Although most graduates usually end up working at a hospital, there are also some that find good paying jobs working for private practice physicians.

As the new healthcare law starts being implemented next year, there are expected to be over fifty five thousand new registered nursing jobs created at major hospitals and medical research facilities.

by Linda Bright

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