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Accelerated Nursing ProgramsNursing is predicted to be one of the top-paying careers through 2018, with over 500,000 nursing positions expected to open up in order to meet the healthcare needs of an aging population, among other factors. For those considering beginning a career in nursing, or switching to the nursing profession after years of working in an unrelated field, the education opportunities available to achieve an RN certification, Bachelor of Science in Nursing or graduate-level nursing degree are plenty.

Accelerated nursing programs are available at many colleges, universities and online nursing schools as options to address the growing need for qualified and educated nurses. Endorsed by the AACN, these programs help nursing school students build upon experience gained through a RN program or undergraduate education in a concentration other than nursing. Students are able to eliminate months, or even years, from the typical, entry-level nursing programs, ultimately putting more nurses to work in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities.

Fast-track and accelerated nursing programs addressing the needs of the nursing shortage while offering better career opportunities to professional health care workers. By eliminating some of the academic time involved in a nursing degree, accelerated nursing programs also put nurses to work faster, reducing school costs and increasing the ability for nurses to earn a steady income. With the technological advances in education overall, those that graduate from an accelerated nursing program can also expect to have a stronger grasp of the tools available to nurses through computers and information technology.

As the Baby Boomer population continues to age, the need for qualified nurses is expected to increase dramatically. Not only are more nurses retiring and leaving positions open in hospitals, clinics and medical facilities, but the health care needs of that generation, and the generations that follow, continue to grow, as well. With the availability of accelerated nursing programs and the bright future of nursing careers, the time to take the plunge into nursing is now.

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