What is an Accelerated BSN Degree Program?

Impact of Accelerated BSN on nursing career

The accelerated nursing program has not just added new nurses to the market, but has also added diversity to an outstanding field of medicine. The accelerated nursing student comes from a diverse background, and each one brings with them knowledge and understanding from their different bachelor degrees and experiences. With these experiences, they bring new elements of leadership, new ideas of patient care, and different ways of working together.

Funding their education

The cost of the accelerated BSN program can cost up to $30,000. Many accelerated nursing students choose to take out student loans. Others may apply for scholarships through the Nurse Reinvestment Act. Another option is to partnership with hospitals. This is done by working for a hospital or other type of nursing facility and offering nursing services for a period of time as stated in a contract in exchange for tuition reimbursement.


The accelerated nursing program is one answer to the nursing shortage. It is also an answer to placing intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, and diverse individuals into the nursing field. Because of its success, we find an ever increasing number of schools offering this program. With new leaders and clinicians graduating from the accelerated program, the field of nursing is moving toward a new front in providing care and leadership in an ever-changing nursing profession.

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