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Congratulations on taking your first steps towards a rewarding, and lucrative career in the field of Nursing. We’re here to help YOU make the best decisions for a successful career by proving a wide array of educational literature from leading online Universities and Colleges. Browse the nursing degree programs and request a free course catalog from all programs that interest you.

Nursing Education OnlineNursing Continuing Education Online

While traditional brick and mortar classrooms are overflowing, more nursing schools are going online to expand enrollment levels and keep up with the increasing demand for graduating qualified nurses. Find accredited universities that offer online nursing education with complete degree programs by use of the Internet.

Top Nursing SchoolsBest Nursing Schools

There are several things to consider when choosing from the best nursing schools: Online Classroom Quality, Accreditation, Clinical Rotation, Exam Pass Rates and Tuition. A good nurse starts with a good nursing school. Learn more about finding accredited nursing schools online and start a training program today.

Nursing School TuitionHow to Pay for Nursing School

In response to the growing shortage of nurses, the United States government created NELRP, the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program. Basically, the government will repay sixty percent of a registered nurse’s qualifying loan balance. Learn more and apply to the NELRP.

Nursing ShortageNursing Shortage

The apparent cause of the critical nursing shortage can be attributed to a decreased number of students graduating from online nursing schools. The nurse educator shortage is creating a problematic trickling effect that is plaguing the entire healthcare system and is resulting in diminished care for patients.

Nursing CareersTop 10 Nursing Careers on the Rise

The current nursing shortage crisis has opened up tremendous financial opportunity for all nurses as RN’s everywhere are calling the shots and reaping the rewards.

According to the MSHA, at least 126,000 nursing positions are vacant at hospitals nationwide. The figure is expected to reach 400,000 by 2020. Get started by learning about the top 10 nursing careers rise.

Nursing Spotlight

Community Supports Nursing ProgramCommunity Supports Nursing Program
All across the country hospitals, educational institutions, local government, and various civic groups are recognizing that collectively working towards solutions to our nation’s heath-care crisis is a fundamental step in the right direction.

In Ashtabula, Ohio the community is taking positive steps and backing efforts to ensure that a properly trained nursing staff, from its local nursing college, will be readily available to fill its healthcare facilities and shore up its needs. If you have spent any time in a hospital, doctor’s office, nursing home, rehabilitation center or have received any kind of physical therapy in Ashtabula County, chances are a Kent State University Ashtabula nursing program graduate has helped you. Pictured is a geriatic nursing student assisting her patient.

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