BSN to PhD Nursing Programs

Nursing is a calling that draws people from across the world to provide health care to those facing illness or other health issues. As the U.S. faces a nursing shortage, careers in nursing continue to provide opportunities in all areas of medicine. Nursing academics and research in report some of the highest levels of career opportunity than many other nursing disciplines. From nurse educators to nurse researchers and scientists, the study of nursing may have the greatest impact on community health and wellness. These nursing professionals are in demand in colleges and universities and are a vital part of the ability to provide quality education and training to student nurses in all concentration of nursing.

In order to fill the need for nurse researchers, many colleges and universities have implemented BSN to PhD nursing programs. These academic nursing degree programs allow a nurse who currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree to attain a PhD in Nursing. Many of these programs eliminate some of the time required to attain a PhD in Nursing and begin an intensive course of research-based curriculum and studies that are tailored to the BSN to PhD student’s interests in nursing.

A BSN to PhD program assists students begin careers in research earlier, as well as reduce costs related to nursing education. As an atypical timeline of education, the BSN to PhD program encourages nurses to focus on the academics involved, rather than take breaks to work in hospitals and medical facilities before pursuing higher education goals. Many nurses see the PhD in Nursing as a level of education equitable to many other medical professionals holding positions in research.

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