Case Manager

Job Requirements: Work closely with patients to design a comprehensive plan to meet their healthcare needs.

Education Requirements: RN license, pass NCLEX-RN exam

Navigating the procedures and practices of the medical world can be a trying ordeal, especially for a person facing illness, injury or other health concern. Between medical professionals, treatment plans, costs and administrative issues, health care is a complex issue that can require the advice, counseling and expertise of a professional in the field of nursing.

RN Case Managers are rapidly becoming a vital part of a patient’s experience, helping guide, inform and offer insight into the many different aspects of today’s health care system. RN Case Managers are specialized nurses that coordinate and manage patient care throughout the duration of treatment within a hospital or medical environment. Many RN Case Managers have experience in nursing, as well as social work, and understand the different systems that may be involved in full-spectrum patient care.

Case Management includes many of the skills and techniques learned in nursing school, including assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation and interaction. In addition, a RN Case Manager also must understand the processes involved with outside agencies or even within different hospital departments.

Patient outcome, advocacy, monitoring and data collection are all part of the job of a RN Case Manager, as well as providing solutions regarding cost and quality of care. Referrals to specialists, public agencies and aftercare solutions can all be part of the RN Case Manager’s job. With this coordination, a RN Case Manager can help increase the quality of care, facilitate more effective clinical outcomes and provide patients with the resources needed while under medical care.

RN Case Managers may have the combined experience of social work and nursing. Many of these professionals acquire the needed education through a college, university or online nursing degree in order to fulfill the requirements of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. It is also common for those with a Master of Science in Nursing, or other advanced practice nursing degree, to obtain a RN Case Management certificate through an online or local nursing school.

Providing the best care possible to patients facing health and medical concerns is a top priority for those in the field of nursing. While the medical establishment continues to grow in its complexity, qualified RN Case Management professionals have become a solution for hospitals, clinics and medical organizations to help assure patients of the best quality care possible. If you think you’d enjoy being a manager but perhaps not in the healthcare sector, take a look at the different Interim Management Jobs available.

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