Geriatric Nursing Career

Geriatric nursing deals with the care of the elderly patients. It involves management, analysis and care to meet the needs of the elderly. This allows them to increase their independence, realize their mortality and minimize disability. This training programs are taken by students in order to have a medical background as well as the technical skills they need in order to succeed in the field of nursing.

Those who are interested to pursue a diploma as a geriatric nurse can get an associate or bachelor’s degree from hospitals across the country. Many schools offer associate degree programs that only takes two to three years to complete. Bachelor’s degrees usually take four years to complete. They also require a huge amount of time for clinical duty hours. On the other hand, graduate certificates and degrees are available for registered nurses. Intensive programs are also offered for those who have bachelor’s degree in another field and want to study for 12 to 18 months.

Geriatric nursing training programs prepare their students to gain knowledge and skills they need in order to be certified geriatric nurses. In order to qualify for the certification, nurse must hold an active and up to date license and must have graduated from an accredited nursing school. They should also meet the specific hours of clinical duty and academic requirement. Courses offered by nursing programs may cover anatomy and physiology, nutrition, medical ethics and law, chemistry, medical terminology, and human growth and development. Classes may also cover cataracts, impotence, diabetes and other diseases common in the elderly.

With this nursing training, students will be able to find work in assisted living facilities, hospitals and nursing homes. They can also work in long term care units, outpatient clinics, home health, and community care.

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