Life Care Planning Career

Life Care Planning is a nursing degree that trains students to help people protect their future health care expenses and needs. Many life care planners are hired by lawyers in order to determine the costs of projected settlements in personal injury cases. A number of training programs exist for this profession. You can find schools that offer life care planner training programs both in traditional classroom settings and on the internet.

A number of certified life care planners have also taken up nursing and are registered nurses. Although nursing is not a requirement for this profession, students are required to have at least a background in social work, psychology, health care and project management or their combination. There are colleges that offer pre-certification programs in life care planning. For instance, the University of Florida offers pre-training to students who want to be certified life care planners. Oftentimes, students choose residential or online courses. These are designed to prepare them for certified life care planner training courses. They are also designed to prepare them to take certified life care planning examination.

Students who are enrolled in certified life care planner training courses are required to demonstrate competency in both paediatric and geriatric care management. They should also exhibit competency in psychiatric and psychological disorders, rehabilitation, and other related health care topics. Courses offered online and in traditional classroom settings are a combination of written work and clinical duty.

Students who enrolled in online programs have an option to complete their clinical duty at local facilities. They are also given the chance to schedule their clinical duty hours since most of them are working during the day to earn money to pay for their tuition fees and spend for their everyday living.

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