Nursing Career by Salary

A career in nursing can be quite lucrative depending on the specialty field and years of service. Those that find a medical facility they enjoy working in can typically move up within the system and gain experience in a variety of roles. When considering a career path, be sure to look beyond just the salary potential and gather information about all aspects of the job including continuing education benefits, work load expectations, quality of care standards and overall environment of the unit. During your nursing career you will probably find yourself progressing through the ranks, and with this comes the possibility of having a salary raise. If this is the case, it is important that your Payroll system updates so you are earning the correct amount of money.

Below are salary ranges for a wide range of nursing careers. The low end represents a nurse in that field with little to no experience. The high represents a nurse with 5 or more years of service and may also include those that have obtained advanced degrees during their tenure.

Job Salary per year (Mean Annual Wage, Source
Medical and Health Services Managers $88,580
Nurse Anesthetist $151,090
Occupational Therapist $75,400
Certified Nurse Midwife $92,290
Scrub Nurse $41,790
Rural Nurse $42,040
Nurse Practitioner $92,670
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner $92,670
Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner $92,670
Charge Nurse $41,920
Clinical Nurse Specialist $66,220
Clinical Nurse Leader $65,470
Travel Nurse $65,470
Forensic Nurse $41,540
Nurse Educator $70,200
Case Manager $28,850
Legal Nurse Consultant $46,990
Healthcare Administrator $88,580
Psychiatric Nurse $41,920
Hospice Nurse $65,470
Pediatric Home Health Nurse $65,470
Pediatric Nurse $65,470
Surgical Technologists $41,790
Social Worker $44,200
Patient Advocate
Medical Assistant $29,610
Critical Care Nurse $65,470
Military Nurse $65,470
Geriatric Nurse $65,470
Life Care Planner $28,850
LVN / LPN $41,540

Salary data obtained from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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