Role of a Nursing Educator

The modern times has seen a new trend in which the nurses with years of experience behind them are taking up the job of nurse educator. The field is an important one and brings the prosperity of actual clinical experience to train the nurses of the future. There is an acute shortage of nurse educators in the country and the field can be a great challenge especially for those looking for a change. This shortage not only offers a promising career but a high level of job security as well.

A great advantage related to the field educator is that you can chose to become a part time educator as well. This way you can continue to enhance your skill set while taking care of the patients while pursue your dream of training the future nurses along with.

Nursing Education Degree

A nursing education degree is essential before you can start training the nurses as an educator. The great point to note here is that you do not need to let go of your current job to take up the course but instead can pursue the course at the same time online. A master’s degree is a must for you to become a nursing educator. If you are looking to climb the hierarchy, a doctoral degree would be of great help.

The Skill Set

Other than the right degree, you must also have the correct skill set in order to succeed as a nurse educator. This includes

  • You must have excellent communication skills to impart the knowledge to the students in a correct and interesting manner.
  • A solid clinical background
  • Ability to think critically
  • Strong creative skills
  • Strong knowledge base

The role of an educator in the nursing field is an important one. Correct passing of information would help create professionals of the field who would play a big role in the countries future healthcare system. The remuneration of the field depends on a number of different factors including the level of education, rank and the place of work to name a few. It generally varies from $43,000 to $63,000 per annum.

Roles of the Nursing Educators

The nurse educators perform a diverse set of roles meant to provide knowledge to the aspiring nursing candidates who would be an integral part of the countries healthcare system in the times to come. A few of the roles include

  • Designing of the curriculum
  • Development of the courses and programs of the study
  • Imparting education to the learners
  • Evaluating the learning’s of the aspirants
  • Documenting the overall progress and identifying and requirement of an alteration


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