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Headlines for professionals in the nursing and healthcare field.

Nursing Job Growth Through 2020

Nursing Jobs

As the Bureau of Labor statistics continues to forecast healthcare as the largest sector of job growth through 2020, all areas of nursing will experience a high rate of job openings over the next decade. These numbers, in addition to the large nursing workforce heading toward retirement, indicate a wealth of nursing positions will require qualified individuals to fill jobs in hospitals, clinics, home health care agencies and physician’s offices.

From registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, to home health and nursing aides, those with a quality education in nursing will be able to obtain employment across the country for many years to come.

Nurse Educator To Receive New York Times Award

Nurse educator Tracey Gaslin who is an assistant professor at the University of Louisville was selected from more than five hundred nominations to receive the New York Times Job Market “Tribute to Nurses” award. This award is given to honor outstanding patient care and excellence in nursing education.

Tracey will be the first nurse educator to receive this award and has stated how humbled and honored she is to receive it. Gaslin’s academic research focuses on issues faced by children with hemophilia, cancer and other diseases that require infusion therapy. As a nurse educator she teaches nursing students in a variety of settings beyond the classroom, including summer camps for children with hemophilia and cancer and aiding victims of natural disasters.

Gaslin was recently quoted on U of L’s website as saying “I am truly humbled and honored to receive this award. God has blessed me with so many educational opportunities and a wonderful network of family support and peer mentors who encourage me along the way. I hope this award encourages all nurses to pursue their dreams and realize that they can accomplish whatever task is before them.”