Community Creates Nursing School Scholarship

To try and address the issue of nursing homes and their shortage of staff, a Rochester retirement and nursing home did something about it. They raised money from both their staff and from the community and then awarded 10 of their employees with over $13,000 worth of nursing school scholarships from the money that was raised.

St. Ann’s community agreed to this idea for the first time when the idea was brought up from the human resources department, as well as the foundation for the organizations’ fundraising project. Spokesperson Stephanie Schifano works for the organization, and provided this information, as well as helped handle the massive fundraising organization.

The organization is totally nonprofit, and most of the employees who are there are working towards some type of nursing degree, whether it is ingeriatric nursing, bachelors of nursing or some other type of nursing related program.

There were requirements to be eligible to receive the money that was raised throughout the community and staff. The employee must have been already pursuing a degree in some area of the nursing field with a C average or above in their studies. They had to also agree to stay at St. Ann’s for at least 2 years. This agreement prompted 30 employees to apply for the nursing school scholarship.

The nursing school scholarships that were awarded to the employees of St. Ann’s went to: Annell Boone, a licensed practical nurse; Tina Cenname, a reimbursement nurse specialist; Rachel Holmes, a nursing supervisor; Muriel James, a licensed practical nurse supervisor; Karen Keymel, a universal worker; Glenda King, a team leader; Rola O’Meally, director of adult day and dementia services; Elizabeth Tomaszczuk, a special-care unit nurse leader; Denise Watson, a licensed practical nurse supervisor; and Heather Wojtczak, a licensed practical nurse.

Many congratulations go out to the winners of these nursing school scholarships.

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