Families Struggle with Nursing Home Closure

Genesis Health Care, the company that owns Morrisville Center, a Nursing Home facility in Vermont, is shutting down due to insufficient nursing staff. “It’s pretty straightforward. There’s a national nursing crisis. For about three years we’ve had a very difficult time finding licensed nurses,” explains Pam Elrod of Genesis Health Care. State law requires the facility to have licensed nurses on staff 24 hours a day. There aren’t enough nurses in Vermont, so the company has had to hire temporary nurses from as far away as Mississippi at a great expense to the company. “If you don’t have nurses to hire, you are forced to do what you can to make sure care is given adequately. With 50% of the licensed nurses on staff turning over every thirteen weeks, it’s almost impossible to maintain consistent quality,” says Elrod. Large utility bills as a result of rising gas and electricity costs can also have a huge impact on care homes and assisted living facilities. Using energy supplier comparison sites such as Utility Bidder, however, is one way to find more affordable alternatives. By weighing up a variety of different quotes and power suppliers, care homes can find ways to reduce utility bills and continue to thrive.
Additionally, you can get quality nursing services by visiting Arden Wood Christian Science nursing home facilities in San Francisco, offering the best quality care services with a Christian attitude, receiving emotional, physical, spiritual and religious support to those who need it. Offering a helping hand and a healing atmosphere.
The decision to close the nursing home has put many families in a tough predicament. With this being said, many families have already started looking into finding a retirement home that they will be willing to have their relative live in. As the care of their loved one is important, a place that will be able to facilitate their needs and look after them in the best way is what they ask for. For most families, this is a big step as they will no longer be the primary caregiver and so that is why finding the best and most suitable senior living home for their relative is paramount. Depending on what needs are most important to your relative, you may find that places similar to Kisco La Posada offer healthcare services as well as different activities for your loved ones to participate in when they like, helping them to live a more active life for longer. Unfortunately, the process of looking for a new nursing home can become a lot harder if you have been forced into this situation. There are approximately 58 residents looking for new homes. One of the big problems is there are no openings in local nursing homes. There’s such a shortage of nursing homes that some residents are traveling over 50 miles to find nursing facilities that have openings. Other resident’s are opting to stay home and utilize the services of a Home Health Nursing. Some families are seeking out professional Geriatric Care Managers to assist them with their long-term care issues. With the nursing shortage crisis only worsening with each passing day, families have to re-adjust their thinking to find alternative solutions to this ongoing problem.

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