Ready, set, find a job! Featured Hospitals for Nurses

A nursing degree provides you with the skills that can make a real difference in the lives of your patients. Whether you choose to find a position within your community or far away from home, a nurse has many options for employment. The difficulty comes down to this: How do you choose where to apply? With so many hospitals that have excellent work environments, the recent graduate will have a hard time making their decision. The following hospitals have a great reputation and are by far the top choices for nurses who are in the process of finding employment.

The NorthShore University Health System is located in North Chicago, and is associated with the Pritzker School of Medicine. NorthShore’s focus on non-traditional approaches to nursing includes changing career tracks frequently during your employment as a way to find a position you are truly passionate about.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital benefits from a force of 7000 employees and volunteers who work in Chicago. The hospital has a ‘Magnet Designation‘, a status that only 5% of hospitals in the USA achieve. The Magnet Designation means that they are committed to excellence in nursing, high retention levels, and consumer confidence in nursing practices.

Providence Hospital and Medical Center strives to have happy employees, which is why they are implementing an electronic medical record project that will give nurses more time at the bedside. As well, they have implemented a scheduling program called ‘Flexi-Choice’, which allows the employee to pick the shift, department, and specific hospital that you wish to work at.

The Mayo Clinic – Saint Mary’s Hospital has a Level One Trauma Center and over 60 inpatient and outpatient career paths for nurses. The Mayo Clinic is one of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to work for.

University Hospitals Case Medical Center is the primary affiliate of Case Western Reserve University. This hospital is located in Ohio, and boasts a methodology that focuses on patient centered care. This approach allows nurses to provide patient support that focuses on respecting lifestyle choices, family situations, or cultural and religious traditions.

The Vanderbilt University Medical Center located in Nashville, Tennessee works with their employees in a team approach that focuses on advancing medical science. That means that you can be assured that as a nurse, your voice is heard as you work with researchers work together to improve patient outcomes.

At the University of Virginia Medical Center there is a high level of technologically advanced care. UVMC is also a Magnet Designated facility, and they encourage independent thinking as part of their network of care.

Cleveland Clinic Florida is a new medical center that has a campus that works within the clinic, including housing and a staff of over 150 physicians. Those who work at the Clinic have a wide variety of medical specialties, and have the distinction of being among the 50 best hospitals in Gynecology in the USA.

Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa has the distinction of being a faith-based hospital. Nurses make up 30% of their work force, and offers flexible options such as self-scheduling, incentives for educational advancement, and a nurse internship program that puts you in the positions that are often reserved for more senior nurses.

Union Memorial Hospital is a not-for-profit specialty hospital that has a strong focus on cardiac, orthopedic, and sports medicine. It has some of the best orthopedic surgeons and is always using innovative technology to treat patients. If you take a position at Union Memorial, you are able to have self-scheduling, low nurse to patient ratios, and competitive salaries. As well, they have perks such as an onsite fitness facility and great benefits.

No matter where you choose to find employment, your nursing degree will be put to good use when you find a position at any one of these fantastic hospitals across the USA.

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