Forensic Nursing Programs

Forensic NursingWith huge scope of growth on offer at both personal and professional front, Forensic nursing is one of the most sought after and exciting careers of the modern times. In case you like solving mysteries, identifying culprits and have interest in medical field as well, forensic nursing is the right option for you. The Forensic nursing programs are meant to train the enthusiast on the medical front related to criminal investigations. A forensic nurse is required to visit the scene of crime, collect the evidence that would help solve the case and prepare a report for the same. They also assist the victims of the crime in emotional and physical recoveries.

The professionals of the field have expertise in three different areas including the collection of forensic evidence, criminal procedures and legal testimony. The program can help you secure a job at a hospital or a law enforcement agency. You can also choose to become a legal consultant.

Depending on the area where you are practicing and your work area, the salary may vary a lot. You can expect to earn anywhere from $54,000 to $208,000 every year.

The Online Option
In case you do not want to let go of your current job to take up a full time on campus course, you can always choose to go in for an online one. You would be able to select the timing of study as per your convenience. You can also fix the study hours as per the time you can devote on weekends and weekdays. The recognition you get is the same as an on a campus course. However, you are likely to save some money while studying online.

Types of Forensic Nursing Programs
There are two types of forensic nursing programs – Forensic Nursing Certification and Master of Science in forensic nursing.

In order to take up a forensic nursing certification program, you must first become a registered nurse. Once you have the RN license, you can take up a course in forensic nursing either online or campus based. On the completion of the same, you are required to apply with the FNCB – Forensic Nursing Certification Board.

The Master of Science in forensic nursing offers advanced level courses including clinical nursing. You must have a BSN in order to opt for the same.

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