Getting an Accelerated Nursing Degree

The heavy demand for nurses has made it possible for nursing students to get an accelerated nursing degree, which, in turn, puts the graduate on an accelerated job finding track! Just look at Kelly Rehman, a 38 year old woman that had obtained a graduated from Rutgers University-Camaden with a Bachelor’s in the Arts. In less than a year’s time, after attending Drexel University in Philadelphia’s accelerated nursing degree program, Rehman was ready to begin working in the rewarding field of nursing, thanks to advanced and accelerated nursing degree opportunities.

Since there is a severe shortage of nurses, there will be an increase in the number of accelerated nursing degree programs offered by schools and such programs are perfect for individuals that already hold degrees in other fields that are perhaps considering a job change or working in the health care field. According to Dr. Gloria Donnelly, the present Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Professions at Drexel University, by the year 2020 the shortage of nurses is expected to be a serious issue. Thus, the accelerated nursing degree program has been implemented in an effort to educate more people in the nursing field and to quickly fill the upcoming nursing job vacancies predicted. While it may seem that the present day job market for nursing is tight, in truth, such an issue is merely temporary, and a demand for nurses is on the horizon in the healthcare industry.

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