Home Health Care is Big Business in Florida

Gene Tischer, executive director of the Associated Home Health Industries of Florida, Inc., was recently quoted in the Daily Sun that “The demand for home care will far exceed the home caregiver resource supply. Whoever is able to hire and retain good home health care nurses will be successful.” This is great news for those thinking of becoming a home health caregiver. Business is booming and the demand for qualified caregivers is at an all-time high within home health services.

The significant baby boomer influx is creating a huge demand on the home caregiver infrastructure and means peoples demand for a Home doctor to look after their loved one is extremely high. The growth has been unprecedented. Those in the healthcare business may want to utilize digital marketing strategies like Curated Links to boost the awareness of their business online and capitalize on this growth. There are 1,625 licensed home health care agencies, according to the state Agency for Health Care Administration. That represents a 53.4% increase from the number of firms from the year 2000. Home health care expenditures just in the state increased 34 percent to nearly $3 billion from 2000 to 2004, the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services advised earlier this year in the most recent report from its Office of the Actuary. On the national level, Florida accounts for about 6.9 percent of all home health care expenditures. It ranks fourth behind New York, $6.1 billion; California, $5.6 billion; and Texas, $3.7 billion.

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