Nursing Degree Inspired by Family

A career in nursing is a calling. Nurses are in a position where everyday they can positively affect the lives of the many people they assist. I’ve read some wonderful stories how various individuals began their path towards becoming a nurse and each one is not only inspiring but also unique. Take for instance a story that I recently read about Carla A. Pothering who after working for an insurance agency for over 10 years decided to pursue a nursing degree after her mother and aunt passed away in 1993.

She felt she wanted to do more with her life, find some meaning and make a difference. She decided to follow in the footsteps of her aunt and become a nurse. Carla quit her job, got her associate degree in nursing from Alvernia College and became a registered nurse. Since 1998, she’s been a peritoneal dialysis nurse educator at Fresenius Medical Care of Pottsville, Saint Clair Industrial Park. Personal experience did not influence her decision to study nephrology. “I liked it in nursing school. It’s fascinating,” she said. “When I got out of school, that just stuck with me.”

Today, she works with 13 peritoneal dialysis patients, who do daily treatments at their homes. Among them is an 86-year-old woman. “Her husband was 86 and it was a lot for them,” Carla said, explaining how the couple had to become familiar with a home dialysis system. “And I think I was at their house every night. I’d go for a walk and I’d stop by. They lived very close, so I’d just pop in.” Personal experience has taught her many lessons; in particular that life is fragile and precious.

People, everywhere, are discovering the many rewards that come along with a career in nursing. They want to do some good, make a difference, and become a positive catalyst for change. Today, more than ever before, student nurses are choosing an nursing degree online and are seeking new avenues to live a meaningful life.

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