Nursing Education Summit Nurtures Diversity in Learning

There are plenty of positive things coming up in terms of future improvements for those individuals interested in getting a nursing degree. The National League for Nursing hosts an Education Summit where various, influential people and educators in the nursing field gather to learn how to better “nurture diversity” in all areas, including the classroom as well as in the educational facility’s curriculum. The Nursing Education Summit is one where educators are encouraged to support diversity, and to learn from one another innovative techniques for improving the classroom environment.

Attendees of the Education Summit include a broad range of nursing education specialists from some five hundred nursing schools across the nation, as well as Mexico and Japan. The summit includes seminars, workshops, and discussion panels, all of which are related to issues faced by today’s nursing educators as well as those individuals in pursuit of a nursing degree.  Heavily discussed an examined topics in the Summit include nursing school leadership, the latest advances in technology, issues related to research, and the subject of student mentoring.

Current methods and policies at nursing schools were challenged at the Summit and nursing education specialists across the board were encouraged to reconsider current policies so that diversity could be properly nurtured.  In a discussion moderated by Sr. Rosemary Donley, SC, PhD, C-NAP, RN, FAAN, nursing educators examined the serious need to expand diversity in an effort to meet the educational and learning needs of every student.

The summit also embraced discussions pertaining to excellence in the field of nursing and in nursing education.  The finale of the Summit included the NLN Awards and Academy of Nursing Education Fellows Induction Ceremony.  During the ceremony three individuals were honored: Colleen Conway-Welch PhD, RN, CNM, FAAN, FACNM, was honored with the Oustanding Leadership in Nursing Education Award; Kathryn M. Mershon, MSN, RN, CNAA, FAAN, was awarded the Outstanding Leadership to the NLN to NLN Foundation; and May Wykle, PhD, RN, FAAN, FGSA, received the NLN Isabel Hampton Robb Award for Lifetime Achievement.  Along with the latter honors, a total of 24 new individuals were inducted in the Academy of Nursing Education.

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