Nursing Scholarships & Grants for the Military

Joining the Military can be a useful way to both earn college credit while working and to pay for college. You could also get scra verification and be eligible to receive financial relief when needed. But did you know that in addition to your GI Bill, you can also obtain scholarships and grants to help pay for your tuition, books, and living expenses? There are several options, from general scholarships and grants to major-specific ones, including Nursing scholarships and grants.

Many online nursing schools and campus schools, provide opportunities for both general and nursing-specific scholarships and grants, in addition to scholarships and grants for military members and their families. Speaking with a financial aid office and/or veteran’s office at a prospective or chosen university can not only help narrow down the available options, but even begin the process of finding the right campus-based or online nursing school program and financial assistance needed. Also, a college or university website can provide a quick overview of available options for nursing school scholarship and grant qualifications and applications.

The Military also offers its own scholarships for its members, based the choice of major and length of service. These can come in the form of an ROTC scholarship (such as Air Force or Navy ROTC programs), or a scholarship from the particular branch of the Military in which one serves such as the Navy Nurse Candidate Program or the Army Nurse Corps Nurse Anesthetist Scholarship. For anyone entering the navy in any capacity, it is recommend that you know of a specialist legal professional like jones act attorney in Long Beach, because maritime law differs greatly from land law, and you never know when you might face or need to make a claim. The National Health Service Corps is another option for those considering a career as a nurse, or who are currently enrolled in a campus or online nursing school program.

In addition to scholarships offered by the Military, your Military training and service can also serve to train you to be a nurse. For example, the Army Medical Department Enlisted Commissioning Program (AECP) allows you to both complete a college degree in Nursing and serve as a nurse for the Army at the same time, earning both an education and priceless experience in the field. All military scholarships pay tuition and fees, plus offer a stipend for things such as fees, books, and living expenses while attending college.

Military scholarships are not just for those who serve. Military children, spouses, and family members are also afforded a variety of opportunities to obtain assistance in paying for their schooling, from scholarships and grants to military-specific degree programs, job placement services, and career matching services. These opportunities can be especially important for military and their family members who are facing relocation, deployment, or some other hardship as a result of their military service and/or affiliation.

The U.S. military is a great way for nurses to gain experience in nursing, and can be a strong foundation for a nursing career. From the training provided while enlisted, to scholarships, grants and incentives for nurses in the military, it’s easier than ever to transition from a military to a civilian nursing career.

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