Nursing School Waiting List in the Hundreds

I’ve reported on this topic before however, the more I read and understand the nursing shortage issue, the problem just seems to be getting more complex. More and more students are being turned away and put on long waiting lists to gain acceptance into nursing programs across the country.

Most recently I read a story how hundreds of students are on a three-year wait list to get into the nursing program at Front Range Community College because there is not enough space on campus to accommodate them. According to the article there are about 350 students on the current wait list for the standard two-year associates degree in nursing and 125 are on the wait list for an accelerated nursing program offered in the summer. Unfortunately nursing students have a gap between the time is takes to complete prerequisites and the time they can start the program. In addition, the shortage creates course schedules that are less than ideal.

However the problem doesn’t stop there. Even if the college started building more buildings to accommodate more students a lack of parking would soon follow. Complicating the issue even further is a lack of faculty, limited general space and lack of spaces where students can do their clinical work.

Due to the host of problems students face in a traditional classroom environment, more nursing students today are looking to gain their nursing degree where the course schedules are flexible, and the parking issue isn’t a problem.

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