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Nursing Schools in Idaho
Idaho is a wild and untamed state that is full of rural areas and the people who live outside of the few metropolitan areas. Idaho participates in a State Loan Forgiveness Program as well as the NLC that allows nurses licensed in other states to work in Idaho.

Featured Campuses in Idaho:

Idaho State University School of Nursing: Kasiska College of Health Professionals

College of Southern Idaho

Boise State University Department of Nursing

Available Idaho Nursing Scholarships
Where Nurses Work in Idaho
Idaho Nursing Associations

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Nurses Teaching Nurses
Ensuring the careers of nurse educators means that the practices and edification of nursing and the medical field will continue to grow and evolve as science and technology bring about new medical discoveries, treatments and therapies.

Nurses Look for ANCC Magnet Designation When Job Hunting
Hospitals that have the American Nursing Credential Center ANCC Magnet Designation are top choices for the brightest and most motivated nurses in the world.

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