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Nursing Schools in New Mexico
New Mexico has seen extensive population growth over the past decade, from immigrants to elderly, all of which require specialized medical care in order to address specific health needs. In light of these increased demographics, the volume of qualified nurses has not kept up with the increase in population, creating a shortage of health care that affects 36 areas within the state.

Nurses in New Mexico are needed to fill these positions, from RNs to Nurse Practitioners, and especially Nurse Educators. A state-wide initiative to increase the number of Nurse Educators, as well as programs to establish nursing school graduates within hospitals or other medical clinics before passing the NCLEX examination are helping to address the shortage of nurses that New Mexico faces. Nurses skilled in rural and community health as well as Spanish-speaking nurses are critical to the health care workforce in New Mexico, providing services to the Hispanic, Native American and underserved areas of the state.

Top Nursing Schools in New Mexico:

University of New Mexico College of Nursing
Albuquerque, NM – (505) 277-0111

  • Degrees offered from Bachelor through Doctorate levels.
  • Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing options.
  • Master of Science in Nursing; concentrations in Community Health, Nursing Administration, Nursing Education and Advance Practice Nursing.
  • Doctorate in Nursing.
  • CCNE .

New Mexico State University School of Nursing
Las Cruces, NM – (575) 646-3812

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with degree acceleration options.
  • Online Master of Science in Nursing.
  • Online Doctor of Nursing Practice.
  • Online Doctorate of Philosophy in Nursing.
  • CCNE .
Available New Mexico Nursing Scholarships
Where Nurses Work in New Mexico

New Bill that would allow 20,000 foreign nurses annually to enter the US
Cutting down on the effects of the recession by increasing the capacity at nursing schools allows workers from other industries to gain the education they need to become nurses. This would cut down on unemployment while closing the nursing gap, simultaneously.

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