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Nursing Schools in South Dakota
Facing a lack of colleges and universities within the state to provide nursing programs for Nurse Educators, Nurse Practitioners and other Advanced Practice Nurses, South Dakota still has one of the lowest shortage rates of nurses in the country. However, South Dakota still needs nurses that are able to provide health care services for its rural populations, as well as a high demand for Nurse Educators to provide instruction to the next generation of nurses.

Among the populations affected directly, American Indians and the elderly face a higher need for nurses within the state, indicating that nurses that specialize in rural health, community health and geriatrics are among the highest in demand in South Dakota.

Featured Nursing Schools in South Dakota:

South Dakota State University College of Nursing
Brookings, SD – 800-952-3541

  • Offers degrees from Bachelor’s through Doctoral.
  • Master of Science in Nursing; concentrations in Clinical Nurse Leader and Nurse Educator.
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice.
  • PhD in Nursing.
  • CCNE .
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