Putting Focus on Accelerated Nursing Programs

Registered Nurses throughout the country are constantly looking for ways to improve their skill-set and increase their knowledge. However, between fulltime working schedules and family commitments, finding the time is not always an easy task and for some becomes another barrier to career growth. The good news is that there are now courses designed for working RN’s to achieve their BSN within 16 months. And the focus on these programs is starting to take hold across the nation.

King College in Bristol, VA has recently paired up with Wytheville Community College for a joint effort in offering an RN to BSN degree program at WCC’s education center starting next spring. The program is an accelerated course, allowing students to complete their BSN requirements in approximately 16 months, taking one course at a time and meeting once per week. These programs are helping to meet the needs of healthcare organizations both locally and nationally and serve as a great resource for economic and workforce development. Accelerated nursing programs like the RN-to-BSN program are designed specifically to meet the needs of working adults who want to advance professionally and achieve their career goals. This provides students with viable opportunities for advancement and also creates a base of local, highly qualified employees, said WCC President Charlie White. It doesn’t matter what college or program you choose, it is important that it is the right one for your circumstances and your future. To get the most out of your college life whilst you’re there, you may want to have a look at these Custom Backpacks to fit in with the crowd, as well as carrying all your nursing essentials.

Recruitment and retention of nurses is gaining attention nationwide as the Baby Boomers are starting to retire. Encouraging its nurses to take the BSN courses came as part of the hospital’s “focus on not only recruitment but retention,” White said. “Education is one way to enhance retention, and it says a lot to the nursing staff that we’re focusing on education.”

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