Top 5 States for Nursing Jobs

Top States for Nursing

Nursing Link recently reported on the top states for nurses to find a job, analyzing the statistics of salary, nursing shortages and incentives offered. The top five states were found to offer better wages, nurse-focused benefits within places of employment, and additional job perks not found in other states.

California was at the top of the list with 439,600 nursing-related jobs available through 2016. Florida’s aging population will require an estimated 259,050 nursing-related jobs by the same year, while New York predicts there will be 364,580 jobs to fill. Ohio has increased its nurse recruitment and retention strategies in order to fill an estimated 197,450 nursing-related positions, with many of those pointing toward a significant lack of Registered Nurses. Pennsylvania has employed similar tactics, hoping to entice enough nurses and healthcare workers to fill its estimated 208,950 worker shortage.

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