Virtual Nurses and Home Telecare

Many nurses treat their patients with home health care. Home health care in the traditional sense is where the nurse takes care of the patient, reading their blood pressure, listening to their heart, and reviewing their oxygen monitor. But now there is home health care that is in the virtual sense.

There are increasing costs and a growing shortage of nurses. The goal is to decrease the financial burden of the medical system and deal with the shortage of nurses – we may have found the answer. Nurses are extending their hand through the phone line into the future with the “home telecare” device – patients can now get their blood pressure read and oxygen monitored with transmitted cameras and phone lines. Nurses are now treating patients in their home, but not with their physical presence.

According to Candice Choi at the Associated Press, this will cut down on emergency room visits exponentially and cut costs and most importantly, allow the nurse who is in short supply provide care for those in need. Ms. Choi notes that a study by Kaiser Permanente compared two groups of 100 patients – approximately 200 hospital days were collectively reduced over a 18 month period of time. Another great quality of this technology is that it allows patients to avoid unnecessary travel to emergency rooms.

“Home telecare” is bringing the future to the present and allowing nurses the ability to make a difference and decrease hospital visits and unnecessary admission. Nurses are thought about in every area of medicine and are the gate keepers to many patients whose health can be determined just by a phone call.

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